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Our brand new podcast, “The Tune Up with Mr. Music,” takes a look at the music scene in Northern Michigan, both what’s originating here and how larger cultural and economic trends are impacting us on a local level.

Episode 007 - Brian Chamberlain, Studio Anatomy

Owner of Studio Anatomy, a hybrid performance space/recording studio/record shop in Downtown Traverse City, Brian Chamberlain talks about starting out as a drummer, learning recording by putting his own bands to tape, creating a venue showcasing veteran talent along with up-and-comers, and more. Plus: what happens if some venues close for good.  

Episode 006 - Following Your Own Path with Miriam Pico

Well-known in the Northern Michigan music scene, singer-songwriter Miriam Pico joins us to talk about her early influences, how her uncle showed her the power of live music, and finding her passion by focusing on her favorite kinds of audiences.  Plus:  the struggle of trying to DJ online.

Episode 005 - Live Shows with Matt Therrien

As restrictions are being lifted and businesses slowly begin to reopen, the question of resuming some of our “normal” activities becomes a frequent one — especially when it comes to relaxation and entertainment, like live music.  We explore this topic with Matt Therrien, owner of Lake Ann Brewing, one of Northern Michigan’s best kept secrets for enjoying live entertainment.  We talk with Matt about his origins in the brewery business, the evolution of their live music scene, and more.

Episode 004 - Weddings with Meaghan Kenny

Our area is home to a vibrant wedding scene; the natural beauty combined with the number of boutique venues creates a high demand for couples looking to say “I do.” And for musicians and DJs, these events are an integral part of making a living.  But, like nearly every other industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, things…have changed.  We speak with Meaghan Kenny, wedding planner and owner of Fox & Fern Events, about helping couples navigate this uncertainty.

Episode 003 - Teaching Remote Songwriting with Courtney Kaiser-Sandler

Here up north, we’ve got the world class Interlochen Center for the Arts in our backyard, home to, among other things, their renowned arts academy. Since 2012, the Singer-Songwriter program has offered students a comprehensive look at professional, popular music songwriting, along with everything else that surrounds such a career. We talk with Courtney Kaiser-Sandler, program founder, to discuss writers finding their voice, understanding different perspectives, learning remotely, keeping your old work fresh, and the songs that will come out of our “quarantine times.”

Episode 002 - Live Events with Troy Daily & Maria Ulrich

Summer in Northern Michigan is usually host to numerous festivals featuring live music, great food and drink—and throngs of excited attendees.  This year, however, we’re facing a much different season, thanks to the Coronavirus.  We talk with Troy Daily, of the recently cancelled Suds and Sun festival, as well as Maria Ulrich, sound engineer with Leelanau Sound, about the unusual summer we’re about to have.

Episode 001 - Live Streaming with Mike Moran

The Coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to traditional performing, but many Northern Michigan musicians are taking the digital route with live streaming. For our first episode, we’re joined by singer-songwriter Mike Moran Music to talk about keeping a connection with your audience in the online world, as well as what easing back into venues might look like, the importance of knowing enough songs, and what musicians can learn from basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon.

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