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Stop Trying to "Win"

Do you want to win, or do you want to get what you want?

A lot of you might think these are the same idea, but, quite often, they couldn’t be further apart. Especially in a service-based business, proving you’re “right” about something is the last thing you want to do.

In the DJ industry, there are many times at weddings and events where someone has a “big idea” that I know is actually a “not-so-great idea” — but they still insist upon it. And I can’t just sit there as it all goes awry, arms folded, shaking my head and saying, “See? I told you.” Because the outcome, good or bad, is my responsibility.

My job is not to be “right.” My job is to say, “Well…how can we make this a success?

Think of it like this: the client is an inexperienced bowler, and I’m the bumpers put in the lanes, ready to guarantee the ball will make it to the end and provide the thrill of knocking down some pins. So, when I’m presented with a scenario that seems like it could lead to trouble, I’m not dismissive. I ask questions, and use the answers to formulate a plan.

In the DJ world, and in the larger client-focused service industry, our job isn’t to do things the way we’d “prefer,” or the way we think is easiest or even most efficient. Nor is it to merely get the desired outcome from the guests (i.e. having an incredible time). It’s to make the guests happy while doing the things we’re asked, the way we’re asked to do them.

I’ve seen other DJs become frustrated with any request that isn’t what they were already planning to do, with some even going so far as to flat-out refuse a directive from the person that is paying them (also known as, for that event, “the boss”). But, again, the job isn’t to do things your way. And if, to you, that IS the job…then you might want to find a different line of work.

Do you want to win, or do you want to get what you want? Me, I always want to get what I want, which is a happy client who had an incredible time while getting exactly the service they paid to get.

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